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Travelodge Promo and Discount Codes for 2014

Last updated Tuesday, 22 July 2014

From as little as £19 Travelodge is the UK's most successful online Hotel chains. Simple but cost effective rooms with over 450 hotels in the UK. Promocode and Travelodge have active discounts and promotions all year round, see below offers for August and September. '15% Off Breakfast Buffet with Online Bookings' is just one of many active deals from Travelodge in August. Founded in 1985 Travelodge have been around for nearly 30 years but they are going through a pretty rough time at the moment, the recession isn't helping.

See below for August great deals and try out some of the other hotels if you can’t find the deal you’re looking for.

Active promotional and discount codes for Travelodge


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Occasionally Travelodge promotions and discounts work after their expiry date!


10% Off All Weekend Rooms

Finished on 02 July 2014


Get £5 Off All Hotels Bookings

Finished on 30 June 2014


£5 Off All Hotel Bookings

Finished on 02 June 2014


Selected Hotel Room Bookings Now With £5 Off

Finished on 30 April 2014


July Rooms From £29

Finished on 31 July 2014


10% Off Breakfast Boxes with Online Bookings

Finished on 01 May 2014


Kids Stay and Eat Free

Finished on 01 May 2014


Special Partner Offers with Bookings

Finished on 01 May 2014


Early bird London rooms £39 or less

Finished on 30 April 2014


Like Us On Facebook For All The Latest Promotional Discount And Special Offers

Finished on 01 April 2014


Easters Rooms from £29 or less

Finished on 31 March 2014


Manchester Hotels from £34

Finished on 04 March 2014


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