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Hertz Promo and Discount Codes for 2014

Last updated Saturday, 18 October 2014

'Get 15% Off Daily or Weekly Rentals' is just one of many active deals from Hertz in October. and Hertz bring you great offers and promotions this October. A long established UK retailer, Hertz has great discounts and promotions for October and November. 'Up to 20% off Student NUS Cardholder Bookings' is another great discount from Hertz. Its no fun being asked for a promo code in your online shopping cart and you can't seem to find a working code. Here at, we have 2,000+ stores and hundreds of codes updated daily. So you should find the deal you're looking for

For that great deal in October, browse through the other stores on, they may have the discount you are looking for.

Active promotional and discount codes for Hertz


Best Rates Guarantee

Valid until 31 August 2017


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Occasionally Hertz promotions and discounts work after their expiry date!


Up To 15% Off All EU Car Hire

Finished on 15 October 2014


Get 15% Off Daily or Weekly Rentals

Finished on 30 September 2014


Up To 33% Off Selected Bookings

Finished on 30 September 2014


Rent A Hertz Car From £23 Per Day

Finished on 14 October 2014


Rent a Van From £16 Per Day

Finished on 14 October 2014


Up To 33% Off selected European Car Hire

Finished on 10 October 2014


Up To 33% Off Selected UK Car Hire

Finished on 10 October 2014


Up To 25% Off Selected USA Car Hire

Finished on 10 October 2014


Up To 10% Off UK Car Rental

Finished on 05 October 2014


Up To 15% Off European Car Hire

Finished on 05 October 2014


Get 10% Off Long Term Rentals

Finished on 30 September 2014


You Can Earn Triple Nectar Points

Finished on 30 September 2014


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