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Getting your garden ready for summer

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  With the holidays well under way, you’re sure to have plenty of outdoor activities planned – BBQs, waterfights, garden parties – but is your garden ready for all of the action this summer? Promocode has paired up with plenty of retailers so you have everything you need to spruce up your outdoor space at your finger tips! Capital Gardens is just one of many outdoor furniture retailers at Promocode where they have many amazing discounts to offer as well as top quality garden furniture that will last for years! You can get up to 11% off selected chairs and deck chairs as well as up to 10% off all selected garden furniture! There are also deals on seeds and [...]

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Easyart at Promocode

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  Looking for that one piece to bring everything in the room together? Whether you’ve recently redecorated and are looking for an abstract painting to unite colour schemes in your living room or are just looking for urban canvas prints to add a funky modern look to your bedroom, Easyart have everything you could possibly be looking for to add that unique spark to your living space. With Promocode, you are subject to a variety of discounts at Easyart so that you can purchase an original artistic asset for each room if you really wanted to! An example of one of the more generic deals is ‘50% off all sale art products‘ meaning you can buy multiple products for just a [...]

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Hate picking out clothes for work?

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  Trying to decide what to wear to work in the mornings can be really frustrating. Smart clothes can feel restricting as to what you can wear; a black pencil skirt and white blouse are usually perfect for smart-casual but it’s hard to mix up your wardrobe without feeling like you’ve worn the same outfit over and over. Another difficulty is finding the balance half-way between formal wear and casual wear to find the perfect ‘work wear’ but there are many retailers out there to help you choose a variety of outfits so you can look smart for your career whilst not feeling overdressed! Workwear and Leisure at Promocode specialise in expanding your wardrobe so you can look fabulous every [...]

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Sky at Promocode

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  Where would we be without television? Whether it’s the news in the morning, sports in the afternoon or movies in the evening, we use our tv’s to watch everything and now with the red button or catch up tv, we can watch our favourite programmes whenever we want! There’s no better feeling than sinking into your sofa to watch the best of tv and who knows when you’ll get up again? The time flies by without you noticing as you flick from channel to channel but there’s no better way to spend your nights in. Sky is the largest subscription TV provider in the UK with over 10 million subscribers and it’s no wonder – with amazing high definition [...]

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Back to school essentials!


  Going back to school can bring about a whole mixture of emotions – annoyance and resent along with some excitement at seeing all of your friends again and getting back into a routine. Yes, school can be boring or stressful but by making sure you’re prepared beforehand, you can set yourself up for a great year by already being one step ahead! Being organised is just one step closer to being successful, especially in the years of important exams such as GCSE’s and A Levels. At Promocode, there are lots of stationery retailers to help you get what you need for going back to school. From maths sets, to notebooks and ring binders, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re [...]

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Not in the mood to cook?

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  If you’ve had a long day and just want to sink into your sofa in front of the TV, the last thing you want to do is stand in front of the hob and cook up something for dinner. When you just haven’t got the energy, even rustling up something simple like beans on toast seems like an enormous task which requires more effort than you’d like! Thankfully, that’s when takeaways are here to save the day! There’s fastfood out there to fit the requirements of whatever you fancy, whether it’s chinese, indian or a soft pizza oozing with cheese. And the best part? It’s all just a five minute wait. Subway has brought about a whole new perspective [...]

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Family Holidays

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  Going on holiday with your family can sometimes be stressful, especially if you’ve left booking the holiday until the last minute or you’re having to rush around to get everyone into the car and board the plane on time! We’ve all been there and know the feeling of relief when you finally get to sink into your seat and enjoy your journey on the way to your family paradise but we all also know that it’s worth it – the vast memories made and experiences shared together are never to be forgotten! Extravagant hotels lush with elaborate furnishings and magnificent luxuries can bring you feelings of bliss and absolute content. But is all of the pretentious splendor really necessary [...]

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Have you got a sweet tooth?

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  For all those sweetie fanatics out there who just can’t get enough sugary goodness, Promocode has deals to get your tongue tingling! We all love those glorious sweet shops with the jars of bonbons and various other delicacies stacked along the walls and more types of sweets than we could ever imagine – let alone choose from! Whether it’s chocolates for a special occasion or just treats for yourself and your sweetheart, there are plenty of stores out there to choose from and Promocode has them all in one place to make your life even easier! Everyone loves M&Ms. Soft chocolates in the centre of a crunchy shell are perfect for munching on through films or whenever you’re feeling [...]

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Bring some colour into your life!

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  Bright colours. Bold patterns. Yes, tie-dye has been the peak of popular trends since the 1960′s when it was invented in the United States. Tie-dye never goes out of fashion and is a great way to set your own trend for the summer by creating your own unique designs on baggy t-shirts, floaty dresses and even light-weight linen shorts. You can buy tie-dye kits at many stores for low prices so this fashion trend is available to everyone! It’s fun, it’s easy and it can’t go wrong! At Boohoo.com I found a trend specialising in tie-dye called ‘To Dye For‘. Here you can buy perfect tie-dye pieces to match your outfit if you prefer the professionally designed colours and styles rather [...]

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Are you running a household or a petting zoo?

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  We all love to spoil our pets, whether it’s feeding them naughty titbits at the table or buying them countless toys to chase, scratch and chew. Yes, sometimes we doubt where their true loyalty lies when they opt for food over love and attention but we can’t help but to adore them! They sit at your command, play fetch when you throw a ball and chase a squirrel when you tell them to heel! Dogs are among the most charismatic pets that you could own and certainly have their own ways of letting their personality shine through. Needless to say though, they are the most affectionate of creatures – proven by the countless news stories of heroic dogs rescuing [...]

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