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Easter at Promocode


  It seems only minutes ago since we managed to finish off the remnants of the Christmas chocolates and then before you know it Easter goes and creeps up on us.  The shops are now full of pretty eggs enticing us with our favourite brands of chocolates with added enticements of and novelty mugs and gifts. Do we really need any excuse to consume more chocolate?  It’s a big no really but what is it about a chocolate egg that we love so much?  Why does the chocolate taste so much nicer in egg form? We don’t have the answers here at Promocode, but we thought we would help by having a look to see what’s on offer at the moment [...]

Bring me sunshine…. and smooth skin

time to spa

  It is too optimistic to hope for a little bit of sun, to get the flip flops from the back of the cupboard and the sunglasses polished up?  The nights are getting a little lighter and the days a little bit warmer but it won’t be long before the good weather is here and the summer clothes can come out again.  There a some essential steps to take before most of us are prepared to bare our skin. Elemis, our partner at Promocode, started business in 1989, when going to the Spa was the exception, not the norm.  Now more of us have had the pleasure of the spa experience and have enjoyed the luxurious products.  How lucky are we [...]

Beauty Expert at Promocode

download (45)

  Finding gifts can be difficult, especially for women! There’s so much currently on the market in terms of fashion and to add to this, there are so many styles, trends and designers to choose from – how could you possibly pick just one? Promocode has teamed up with Beauty Expert to narrow it down for you – including the best discounts to help you save money. You can now get up to 50% off in the outlet so you can treat yourself or friends without breaking the bank. Many of us have that time in the year when friends birthdays all seem to come at once.  Well how about doing a one stop shop when you’re having to buy for [...]

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Home or Away….

thomas cook

  Holidays….. Something that we all take for granted these days but the age of the travel agent only really came to life in the mid 1800’s when Mr Thomas Cook started to organise short local excursions, and then venturing further afield with a trip abroad to Calais.   Thomas Cook would accompany the travellers on these trips, and continued to do so until in the 1860’s, at this point he started to arrange holidays where the clients then went independently –  and so is born the travel agent as we now know it today. As the pace of life has become faster and more stressful this industry has become more important to us.  We now work to live, and holidays [...]


download (44)

  Everyone has a favourite pair of shoes. Whether they’re your comfiest pair for when you’re out and about or your best going-out shoes, we all treasure our shoe collection! However, a couple of pairs is never enough, especially with the huge range in style and design always being produced by stylists and leaders of fashion. On top of this, it can be so hard to choose just one colour if a style that caught your eye comes in a wide range of colours that you could wear with so many different outfits! How could you ever choose just one to buy? With Promocode, you don’t need to choose! There are so many retailers working with Promocode who have special [...]

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The Book People at Promocode


  If you’re a bookworm and can always seem to have your nose in a book then this retailer is certainly for you! The Book People bring you the best offers and discounts for all of the best sellers as well as some of the lesser known books but no matter whether your favourite author is famous worldwide or is an ambiguous writer, there are deals with Promocode which means you can continue with your book collection without the worry of expenses! Once you’ve started a series it’s often difficult to put down the book until you’ve read them all and now you can happily own all of the books you need so you can read them as many times [...]

English Heritage at Promocode

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  English Heritage is a company bringing you the best of the classical English traditions and aspects of our past such as holidays to English cottages in the countryside or by selling homemade jams and chutneys. Whether it’s for a gift or simply a new experience, English Heritage is preserving our past by allowing you to keep the best aspects of it as a part of your current everyday life. Their adorable little gifts and hampers can also form a perfect Birthday or Christmas present! If you’re after perfect English gifts for those special occasions for someone who has a passion for the past or appreciates typical traditions, then you’ll love the offers at Promocode for English Heritage products such [...]

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Crochet or Knit…..

Crochet dress A & Fitch

    There’s something about the crochet top that takes me from my comfy warm jumpers of winter and transitions me towards spring and summer. No longer the pastime of Nana, we are all being encouraged to cook, bake, sew and knit by the many programmes on TV.  Well, if you are like me and are good at ‘watching’, but not so good at ‘doing’ then have a look at the partnership Promocode have with ASOS.  The hard work is done for you! There are some versatile tops that you can dress up or down, but look very individual.     We love this beautiful Abercrombie & Fitch lace and crochet swing mini dress which is perfect for summer. With [...]

Sporting Events

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  If you’re stuck for present ideas have you considered giving your loved ones tickets to sporting events as a gift? For those who are dedicated supporters of their favourite football team or want to be in the crowd to watch the Rugby Union play at home, then Promocode is what you need as they are working with numerous retailers to bring you gifts to make their dreams come true – no matter which sport they enjoy. Sport is a huge part of many people’s lives. Even if they aren’t necessarily the ‘sporty’ type, many people enjoy the competitiveness and adrenaline rush of watching the the best teams in the world compete against each other. Sport provides entertainment so even [...]

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Discounts at PC World

download (37)

  PC World is bringing you all of the best deals and offers this winter so you can buy all of the best gadgets and technology for yourself or your close ones. Whether it’s additional details for gadgets you already own or whether you’re planning on upgrading to the very latest of technology then PC World has everything you could possibly be looking for! They are just one of many of Promocode‘s partners which means you will be privy to a multitude of discounts available on the Promocode website. One of the latest marvels in technology is the iPad. Apple are continually producing thinner, lighter and better iPads year upon year to make them more convenient to use than laptops [...]

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