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Are you running a household or a petting zoo?

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  We all love to spoil our pets, whether it’s feeding them naughty titbits at the table or buying them countless toys to chase, scratch and chew. Yes, sometimes we doubt where their true loyalty lies when they opt for food over love and attention but we can’t help but to adore them! They sit at your command, play fetch when you throw a ball and chase a squirrel when you tell them to heel! Dogs are among the most charismatic pets that you could own and certainly have their own ways of letting their personality shine through. Needless to say though, they are the most affectionate of creatures – proven by the countless news stories of heroic dogs rescuing [...]

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In the mood to be green?

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  Fairtrade products and ethical produce has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is also now more globally aware with companies worldwide signing themselves up to become more eco-friendly. The more people that convert to use ethical products, the bigger a difference we can all make to our planet – remember that even the smallest contribution can help to lead up to a large improvement in our methods for farming and global transportation. So what are you going to do to help? We’re all familiar with the Envirofone adverts on TV but I bet that you didn’t know that not only are you helping prevent the dumping of old phones in landfill sites where they can harm [...]

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Robinsons Equestrian


  All horsey people out there have heard of and more than likely been to one of the ‘infamous’ Robinsons Equestrian stores. There are several stores widespread throughout the country but every one of them is a horsey heaven where you can get everything from a bag horse treats to top quality saddles! It really is the most useful equestrian store, whether you’re new to the equestrian world or have been around horses for years! Promocode has paired up with Robinsons to bring you the best deals available – even better than the ones already in store! In need of some new riding gear? No need to worry about expenses because with Promocode, you can buy jodhpurs from just £15 [...]

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Birthdays and Celebrations

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  Need some help with last-minute gift ideas for someone’s birthday? Or maybe you want to give someone close to you a special gift they won’t forget. Either way, Promocode has amazing offers to help you get that perfect present for that annual special occasion! Regardless of age or gender, there are plenty of retailers working with Promocode so that you have a wide range of choices to find whatever you’re looking for! Searching for a gift for her that will make her smile and brighten her day? Women can be hard to shop for and sometimes chocolate, flowers or jewellery never seems enough but don’t worry because at Temptation Gifts, there are several discounts to make her birthday special. [...]

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Haven Holidays

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  It’s currently the last few days of school for those that haven’t already broken up for the glorious summer holidays and the freedom of having no early mornings draws near. Everyday will be a chilled day with nothing accomplished apart from spending hours on end in front of the TV. There will be no reason to get out of bed and so most of the day will be spent just lying around… That is, if you ever wake up! It’s great to finally relax and have a well deserved break but don’t let your holidays waste away! Get out and do something exciting this summer! At Promocode, there are lots of holiday getaways and adventure parks to visit, even if [...]

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Bracelets at Promocode

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  Bracelets are the perfect addition to all outfits. A simple chunky bracelet or a selection of thinner rope braids can really transform a look and give your style some character compared to just wearing a top with bare wrists! There are many brands and styles of bracelets out there which are raging in popularity and are well known designer brands such as Thomas Sabo or Pandora so why not flick through the retailers at Promocode to help you find the perfect bracelets for you? At Jewel Hut, there are many discounts available to cut the price of all your favourite jewellery. In love with the Pandora range? You can now get Pandora completed bracelets from just £55 or up [...]

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Shoes… You can never have too many!


  So if a dog is man’s best friend then who’s there for women? Well, the one thing we can’t live without of course – shoes! Whether we’re after heels, wedges or flats we just love our shoes and can wear them again and again with various outfits and show them off to all of our friends. Our shoes go with us wherever we decide to venture and share many of our best moments in life – you will always treasure your wedding shoes which will bring memories flooding back! If your shoe rack is getting packed or you have odd shoes lying around on your floor don’t worry about having to cut down on your collection… You just need [...]

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Blinkbox at Promocode

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  Many people will agree that television is among one of the best inventions yet. We all love the TV dramas, gripping movies and addictive soaps that we can view on our TVs but sometimes we can’t always view whatever we want, when we want – even with the help of catch-up TV or the ever useful red button. For example, if you prefer watching films within the comfort of your own home where you can relax in your favourite sofa and press pause at any time while you go to the toilet, you understand the annoyance of only being able to view the latest movie releases with the added expenses of the cinema. However, there are now retailers making this [...]

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Sport Deals at Promocode

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  Are you a sports fanatic? Or a fitness freak? All the top sportsmen and sportswomen have the best sports gear to help them progress further in their activity which is why Promocode is bringing you discounts at your favourite sports retailers to help you jump the next hurdle! It is important to buy reliable, good quality equipment for your sport to prevent injuries as well as enabling you to improve and get the best out of your skills. Sport requires preparation as well as determination – a bad workman may blame his tools but you can’t run a marathon with cheap knock-about trainers! Role models give people an image to aspire towards and provide us with motivation to work harder [...]

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The time? Time for you to buy a watch!

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  Watches have been a must-have accessory for as long as anyone can remember but the range of modern day watches is broad with all sorts of designs, colours and styles available. Watches are the one accessory that never goes out of fashion and will remain useful for a long time – a true friend for life that will make sure you’re never late! From designer brands to simple leather watches, there are thousands of watches out there to choose from to suit your tastes and needs. The Watch Hut has a variety of great offers to help you find the watch of your dreams! With up to 70% off designer brands, you can afford even the highest quality of watches [...]

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