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Vodafone London Fashion Week


  London Fashion Week is the most looked-forward to event of the year for fashionista’s all around the world! London is known to be the heart of fashion with many top brands originating from the English capital and it continues to be a top fashion destination for this major industry. London Fashion Week is made up of five days full top designers and brands showcasing the very best of their talent. If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest trends, then this is the perfect week for you! Day One kick-started this sensational event with a mono showcase from J. JS Lee where the use of abstract colours with geometric or simplistic design stands out from the crowd. Bora [...]

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  We all know and have heard of Timberland, the number one place to go for the height of fashionable footwear. Timberland have taken the chunky western logger boots and have transformed them into the definition of urban style! Timberland boots can be worn with almost anything and are made to fit your feet perfectly – whether you’re planning on doing long hikes or just walking into town to go shopping, the soft sheepskin lining will keep your feet comfortable and blister-free! Keeping up with the latest trends can seem like an impossible dream, held back by costs and expenses but not any more! At Promocode, you are subject to only the best deals and discounts to help you splash [...]

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Searching for an innovative gift idea?

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  Shopping for birthday gifts is a pain. Even if it’s for your partner or even your best friend who is practically your soul mate, finding the ideal gift can seem near impossible and nothing ever seems good enough. If you want to avoid the ‘jewellery and chocolate for her’ and ‘aftershave or a watch for him’ type of gifts then you don’t need to spend hours searching your brain for original ideas… After all, actions speak louder than words so why not buy them a once in a lifetime experience that they’ll never forget? Great memories last forever and you could even add to this gift by creating a photo album with pictures from the day out so they [...]

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Keeping your skin clear

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  Protecting your skin from grease, dirt and acne can sometimes feel like a constant battle. Keeping on top of your face and skin care can be difficult but luckily, there are lots of tried and tested products out there to help! It’s amazing to see the difference a few small changes in your daily skincare routine can make so don’t hesitate to try a new cleanser or moisturiser; not all skin products are the stereotypical chemical-packed manufactured goods, thee are plenty on the shelves that are made of pure natural resources which are kind and gentle to your skin. The Body Shop is just one of the bodycare retailers with an amazing array of concoctions to help you detox [...]

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Stuarts London at Promocode


  Stuarts London is THE place to go for men’s fashion! After starting off as just a small boutique in the late 70′s, Stuarts London became increasingly popular with lads travelling from across the country just to buy the latest brands of clothing and top designs. In 2003, the merchandisers were short-listed by Drapers to be part of the three finalists in Best Combined Clothing and Footwear Retailer in the UK. If it’s brands you’re looking for, Stuart London is definitely the place with all of the latest trending brands at their disposal! From Adidas to Lacoste, they have only the best of the best – just for you! Leather jackets have – and always will be – the definition [...]

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Have you done your good deed today?

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  It’s not just retailers, businesses and vendors that have discounts set up with Promocode; they also want to promote charities too so that people in need can benefit from the generosity of people willing to donate to a good cause. There are a number of charity organisations paired up with Promocode, raising money for global issues such as cancer and medical research as well as a variety of appeals to help people across the world in disasters like the South Sudan Crisis. Every little helps so you really shouldn’t have to think twice to even donate a penny or a pound by purchasing something from the charities here at Promocode. Oxfam is one of the largest and most recognisable [...]

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  Sony is one of the most advanced retailers in technology among LG and Samsung with the highest quality TV’s, laptops and headphones as well as other gadgets and electronics. They have been running since 1946 and were ranked 87th in 2012 on the list of Fortune Global 500. With thousands of products on offer at great prices, it’s easy to find the perfect device or gadget – whether it’s a ‘first camera’ as a gift or the top of the range immersive curved television for your home cinema. There’s something out there for everyone and you can get even more for your money now at Promocode. Everyone loves music. Whether it’s pop, jazz or rock, we all have a [...]

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Are you ready for the autumn?

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  Summer is nearing the end but no need to fear! Autumn is almost here which means there will be plenty of cool nights around the bonfire, afternoons spent collecting conkers and chilly walks in the park surrounded by falling leaves. This transitional period to winter is a welcomed season where many memories can be made; especially on traditional evenings such as Halloween and Bonfire Night! Autumn is cool, breezy and colourful… Just like this season’s fashion! At New Look, they have a new season trend guide with all that you need to change your style for the upcoming season. One of the online exclusive pieces is the Yelllow Bobble Stitch Zip Back jumper. This colourful jumper is perfect for [...]

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Kids Toys

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  Toys are an important part of everybody’s childhood. As a child, we’ve all had that one toy that we adored and took with us everywhere we went, along with the ever-growing collection of stuffed toys back at home. We could never have too many toys; they weren’t just sources of entertainment, they provided learning curves as well as a target for our imagination. Whether it’s as a birthday present, christening gift or just because, toys are the best surprises for all kids! Toys R Us are the most obvious big-time toy retailers – because of their huge stores and famous branding, their name is recognisable and associated with children’s toys all across the country. They have everything from doll’s [...]

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French Connection at Promocode

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  French Connection is one of the UK’s leading high street retailers with stores wide-spread across the country. They are among the top fashion merchants with plenty of trendy outfits and pieces to choose from which are all ‘√† la mode’.¬†From tops and jeans to dresses and perfumes, French Connection has everything imaginable for both men and women so you have the wardrobe of fashion itself at your fingertips! At Promocode, French Connection has a number of exclusive offers to allow you to explore your fashion tastes without the stereotype of expense! You don’t need to spend a fortune to wear designer clothes and Promocode is proof of that! Active deals for women looking for new additions to their closets [...]

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