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Very at Promocode

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  Very is a newly introduced online retailer selling everything from women’s, men’s and chlidren’s fashion to furniture, electrical applications, toys and games. Their popularity is booming and they have quickly made it onto many people’s favourites list when it comes to online shopping due to the range of products available and the quality of service. To add to this, there are always deals available all year round for whatever you’re searching for; whether it’s an outfit for the summer or a special Christmas gift! At Promocode, Very have multiple deals to cater for all of your needs and wants! They’re eager to please and it shows with the amount of discounts at hand with just the click of a [...]

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Bringing Your Garden to Life

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  Now the nights are drawing in, it seems that every day is getting progressively gloomy as winter nears; especially early in the mornings and late at night. But even when it seems dark outside, you can still help your garden to glow by selecting the perfect plants to keep it bright and cheerful outside! At Promocode, there are plenty of garden stores to help you find the best floral decor for your outside space. Garden Centre Online have everything you could possibly need to enlighten your garden – and all at a discounted price too! To give a softer, elegant look you could use subtle garden lighting, which gives your garden a fantastical fairytale feel, for a discount of [...]

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Are you a self-diagnosed workaholic?


  Perfectionists. It’s amazing how many people would readily place themselves into this category after reorganising their office or work space!  It is a well known fact that a cleaner work area is more stimulating for the brain and helps us maintain our focus when we need it most. Little things can make a significant difference and tidying up your desk will help you keep everything at hand if nothing else! Promocode have a variety of retailers with bargains at the ready to help you stock up on office supplies and keep your life organised. Staples are among the best when it comes to office or home stationery, their large warehouses are filled to the brim with aisles upon aisles [...]

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New Look


  New Look are a fashionable retailer selling the top of the range clothing for each season as it comes! With the mornings getting chillier and evenings get crisper this autumn, now is a good time to have a look at what New Look have on offer so you can keep yourself warm ready for when winter arrives. Scarves, coats or shawls – New Look has them all! All designed to keep you looking great even when you layer up in the cold weather so you can stay toasty while the temperature drops around you. Knitwear is great, you can any jumper with a pair of comfy jeans or leggings for a casual wintery look, for when you go out [...]

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  If you’re planning on redecorating or have already started to tear down old wallpaper and pull up worn carpets then you are probably starting to consider how to design your new space. It can be hard to choose from the millions of different colour schemes and furniture options but the various retailers at Promocode can really help you to narrow down the choices to ones that you love the most and are best suited to your space and needs. At Homebase, you can find everything you could possibly desire to give your home your own style whilst making it as cosy as possible! Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, bathroom storage or bedroom furniture, they have all of the best home [...]


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  If you’re looking for films, music or video games then I’m sure you’re well acquainted with HMV where you can find all the technology you could possibly want from headphones to the best films of all time! Yes, there was a scare a few years ago when HMV was in danger of closing down but now they’re up and running again – more strongly than ever! So if you’re after good quality media accessories then don’t hesitate to pop down to one of HMV’s many stores or just visit their online website to browse through all of their great products! With the new Xbox One out, it can be hectic to find the best deals in order to save [...]

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It’s almost Halloween!

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  Halloween is almost here and what have you got to show for it? A few straggly cobweb remains and a pair of tatty angel wings? Well this Halloween you can be better than all the rest and make your house the one that stands out on the street as being the best decorated haunted house ever! You don’t need to splash out on decor in order to achieve the perfect eerie effect and with Promocode you can cut costs using all the best deals at fancy dress retailers. Ace Fancy Dress have lots of Halloween discounts to get you geared up for the Halloween parties or get-togethers you have prepared in the next few weeks. Whether it’s just a [...]

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Planning a Halloween Get-away?

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  October half term is soon coming up and many of you will be exhausted from the past few weeks of hard work – whether you’re at school, college or work. A short holiday for the week is a great way to clear your head and relieve up the pent up stress from being back at work. Whether it’s a quiet spot in France, or a spot by the pool in the tropics, Promocode have just the right offers to get you to your paradise! Thomas Cook is a popular choice for a flight plan and there’s plenty of reason why. Not only do they have the best holiday packages but they also have fantastic discounts to help you get to [...]

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  We’ve all seen the pictures on Instagram and Facebook featuring the reknown paper cup and the cup holder’s name scrawled in sharpie across the front. That ever loved green logo is appreciated all over the world, from teenage girls in coffee shops to early morning workers on their way to work. Even if you’re not a fan of tea or coffee, Starbucks have drinks to please everyone including smoothies, frappucinos and hot chocolate to die for! Of course, these can all be accompanied by a sandwich, cake or brownie if you’re up for treating yourself to the snacks behind the bar so you can recline in a seat and just enjoy a good coffee break! At Promocode, you can get [...]

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Love your music?

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  A lot of people will say that music is their life. Not quite literally true but for many of us, music is one of the best ways to relax, relieve stress or just to dance and have a good time! No matter which genre, artist or band you listen to, there’s an album out there for everyone just waiting to be added to your top rated playlist. Even if it’s just a single song that worked its way into your head, or a newly released album by your favourite artist, what you need is a music downloader that enables you to have as many songs as you like! At Promocode, there are many music download sites where you can access [...]

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